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Mailbag: Is The Quick Turnaround Before Thanksgiving Fair?; Dez Disappearing

Why is the NFL making the Cowboys play the late game on Sunday night? Doesn't that give the Cowboys a big disadvantage on Thursday? Could they be flexed out of the prime time game?

Bryan: You are just now noticing this? The league has done the Cowboys no favors with how they have set up this up. The Eagles have a 1 p.m. EST game on Sunday at home against a Tennessee team that played Monday night. For the Cowboys, in a perfect world baring no delays with air travel, the team will not get home until 4:30 a.m. Monday morning. If the league was interested in being fair and still wanted to put them on the road make them play in St. Louis at noon with an 80-minute flight. Just a side note – the last time the Cowboys played three games in 12 days was 2007 and they won all three games.  

David:I'll take this opportunity to get on the soap box and say the entire concept of Thursday night games is unfair -- unless you're giving teams a bye week before to prepare for it. To harp on player safety as frequently as the NFL does, and then expect teams to turn around and play a game on roughly three and a half days rest is laughable and extremely hypocritical. But that's where we are right now. At the very least for the Cowboys, at least they have the benefit of playing this Thanksgiving game at home. But the whole thing is unfair for every team that has to do it -- which is all of them.

Ok, Dez had one pretty good quarter last game, what has to happen for him to contribute like that the whole game? Now seriously, what was different the other three quarters, double coverage? What did the defense do differently?

Bryan: More weapons. There were other snaps where he was open, but it was Romo being Romo. He is going to find others ways of moving the ball without having to feed the ball to Bryant all day. This offense is built on spreading the ball around and I honestly see nothing wrong with that.

David:If his "pretty good" quarter had been five catches for 50 yards, I'd be more willing to agree with you. But it's hard for me to find fault with 158 yards and two touchdowns, regardless of whether it came in one quarter or a full game. To your point, Bryant does have a bad habit of disappearing when defenses make it their priority to cover him. But I think the focal point of this offense is centered on the offensive line and the ground game. As long as the Cowboys are running the ball well, I don't think Dez is going to get 18 looks a game, like Calvin Johnson used to when Scott Linehan was in Detroit. And I don't think he needs to.

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