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Mailbag: Is Tyler Smith still moving to tackle?


Although Tyler Smith was named second team All-Pro at left guard, with Tyron Smith now gone is the plan still to move him to left tackle? I know left tackle is considered more prominent than left guard, but he has been playing the position at an elite level. – H. Melvin/Ocean City, NJ

Nick Eatman: I've said this all along since Tyler's career began: he needs to play where he's going to be truly great. Doesn't matter if one position is valued more than others. I think both Larry Allen and Zack Martin could've been Pro Bowl tackles for a long period of time but they played at guard and will go down as two of the best to ever play the position. That being said, The Cowboys and Tyler Smith have to figure out his best spot. Right now, I think it's guard and I'd keep him there, especially if there will be a new center and left tackle. Smith is super smart and that will be needed for him to help groom along new players at his left and right. I think he has a chance to be dominant and great at guard and I'd keep him there.

Kurt: As heard on our ***Hangin’ With the Boys* podcast**, if it's up to Nate Newton, he'd leave Tyler Smith right where he is at left guard. And remember, Nate is a six-time Pro Bowler and three-time Super Bowl winner who played both tackle and guard during his career. Needless to say, he knows what he's talking about. Given his pure strength and road-grading power, Smith has quickly become one of the best guards in the game. Pro Football Focus ranked the 2023 Pro Bowler seventh at the position in run blocking and 11th overall in what was just his second NFL season. With that said, the Cowboys have wanted their offensive linemen, and Smith in particular, to have position flexibility, and he has obviously seen time at left tackle previously. So will a combination of Smith at guard and a first-round draft pick at left tackle be the better option? Or maybe Smith at tackle and perhaps someone like T.J. Bass at left guard? Given his success already and the fact there will be someone new playing at center this upcoming season, I'm with Nate on wanting Smith to stay at left guard. In the end, though, the Cowboys will determine who their best five up front will be with the luxury of knowing Smith can handle whatever they throw at him.

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