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Mailbag: Is Tyron Smith Getting Settled In At Left Tackle?

I haven't noticed Tyron Smith's name called for a penalty the last 2 or 3 games. Is he starting to settle in at left tackle?
Nick: Looks that way. Smith has been good this year aside from the penalties. He gets beat now and then, but against top pass rushers, that's going to happen. I think you can say he's settling into the spot.
Jonny: It's fair to say that Smith has settled in at his position. There's also something to be said about a little bit of a higher comfort level as a whole. The line has dealt with a lot of injuries and sometimes it takes a few games for communication to settle in on an offensive line. Smith has had a number of reasons to be distracted, but he has played very well as of late.  

Who on the practice squad does the team REALLY like? I thought Callaway would be brought up due to experience and talent level.

Nick: I think this team likes what they've seen from Danny Coale and Ron Leary. But the reason they're on the practice squad is they're developmental players. Coale got hurt at the wrong time to emerge in training camp and after a hot start, Leary faded somewhat but still has some potential in the future. As for Callaway, he probably is what he is.  

Jonny: Well, I think Ben Bass would definitely be the first name that comes to mind, but since he was just moved up to the active roster I'll just go with Danny Coale. The rookie receiver's health issues did not allow him a shot at proving himself in training camp, but  I think that the Cowboys are still hoping that their fifth round draft pick can make an impact next season, if he doesn't get an opportunity this year.

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