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Mailbag: Jarwin's Breakout? Build Off NYG Win?


It may sound crazy, but I think this game against New York was good prep for Seattle. I think there are a lot of similarities between the two teams. Both teams have stout defensive lines, physical O-Line/running backs, speedy receivers who carry their routes all over the field, veteran QBs, etc. Is there anything the team can take from this game to help them prepare for the game next week? - JUSTIN OSWALT / FARR WEST, UT

Bryan: Confidence. They won this game because of their quarterback and backups. There were some guys that played some key roles in this game that normally don't get much of a chance. It showed them that they can rely on all 46 players to go win a game, and that's important.

Rob: If there's one comparison to the Giants, it's that Dallas overall did a nice job containing a very, very talented running back (Saquon Barkley) with the exception of one big run last Sunday. It's no secret the Seahawks want to run the ball early and often. The defense must be assignment sound against that.


Why did it take the last game of the season for Dallas to showcase Blake Jarwin? Was it play calling? Or was it Jarwin just getting open? - JAMES JORDAN / CONVERSE, TX

Bryan: Different theories going around now about how that came about. Some say a different mindset in the game plan. Others feel as if that's what the Giants gave you. I tend to side with the different game plan. Jarwin has had other opportunities before but he just hasn't cashed in like he did last week. Hopefully he can keep it going.

Rob: Jarwin has had downfield chances at times this season and he did a much better job of finishing plays. The red zone TDs were the most encouraging, though, because of how much the offense has struggled down there. Ezekiel Elliott is without question their best option inside the 20, but Jarwin will give Seattle one more player to think about.

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