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Mailbag: Jarwin's Progress; Zeke's Workload


With his performance against the Eagles, did Blake Jarwin establish himself as the team's No. 1 pass catching TE? He reminds me of a young Jay Novacek. Very tall, more of a receiver build, good hands and seems to find a way to get open. - JEFF GALLO

Rob: Tough to make that comparison given the career Novacek had here. But there's no question Jarwin has ability. If he can continue to be a factor in the passing game, he stretches the defense a little more. Dalton Schultz also stood out to me in that game, and he's a little more of a factor as a blocker as well.

Bryan: Jay Novacek was a special player. Very high praise there. Nice to see all the tight ends some success in that game. Key will be if they can carry that through the remainder of the season and into the playoffs. They will face some better secondaries in the coming weeks.


Zeke is playing out of his mind, but I have to ask. Is he being overworked? He looked worn out in the second half, not breaking tackles the way he usually does. - JAMES CARROLL / BAKERSFIELD, CA

Rob: Elliott said he got a stinger on that sideline collision early in the fourth quarter when he lowered his head to protect himself. Showed a lot of toughness being able to finish the game. I don't think he's being overworked. Forty touches are a ton, but I do think the 10-day break helped him after the workload he had in three games over 11 days. It's been a long stretch for him, but like all great players do, he wants the ball in his hands.

Bryan: Yes, he's wore out but you really don't have much of a choice there. Your offense is built around the running game and until last weekend you weren't getting much from the backup. It would be nice if they could clinch this division and give him a rest before the start of the playoffs, so hopefully that happens soon.

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