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Mailbag: Jaylon's Progress; 2-Minute Offense


Based on the way Jaylon Smith has produced on the field during games this season, is it safe to assume he's 100 percent healed from his knee injury suffered in college? Or is he only 85 percent healed and things will only get better in regards to his playing abilities? - HERB JANNSEN / WALNUT CREEK, CA

Bryan: I am sure that Smith will tell you that he's 100 percent, but I believe he could get even better. He's starting to show those traits he had at Notre Dame and there he was a special player. I know that Leighton Vander Esch got a ton of credit for his game against the Eagles, but Smith was as every bit as good from the tape I studied.

Rob: I don't have an exact percentage for you, but he's no longer wearing the foot brace and he told reporters a while back that they're no longer checking the nerve regeneration. The way he moves laterally now, and the burst he shows, I don't see a player who's physically limited anymore either. He's playing very well.


Sunday night we saw, in my opinion, where Dak is best, running a "2 minute" type offense. I feel like the up-tempo offense is where he is most comfortable, and in sync. It showed with the touchdown at the end of the first half. Do you guys think the Cowboys should do more of this? - ANDREW MESSINA / BEAUMONT, TX

Bryan: I don't disagree with you here. Running that offense means not switching out players, and I feel like they're finally coming up with a combination of receivers they can do that with. So it wouldn't surprise me one bit to take a crack at it.

Rob: They do seem to have success with a little more tempo at times. Of course, doing that prevents you from making as many substitutions as you might like, and you'll have situations where you want to burn clock with Ezekiel Elliott. But that drive at the end of the half was arguably the best from Dak all year.

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