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Mailbag: Keeping 6 WRs? Niswander's Future?


Is it fair, and I realize "fair" is a subjective term, that Hunter Niswander is being asked to be both punter and kicker, while in competition with Bryan Anger for the punter position? In helping to fill that current need he seems be have placed at a disadvantage through no fault of his own.  FRED LONDON / MORRISTOWN, TN

David: It's probably not fair. But the world isn't fair and the NFL definitely isn't. To be honest, the Cowboys' coaches have already insinuated on multiple occasions that this isn't a competition at all. As long as everyone's healthy, I think John Fassel wants to keep the two veterans. But this could still be a heck of an opportunity for Niswander. He's going to have a lot of opportunity to put good tape out there, as both a punter and a kicker. His future might not be in Dallas, but if he has a productive August it could go a long way toward furthering his career somewhere else.

Rob: I think it's an indication that the punter job has been Bryan Anger's to lose all along. That's not a knock on Niswander – he punted quite well in relief of Chris Jones last season, especially considering it was his first NFL action. But Anger has almost 10 years more league experience than Niswander, so it's logical to assume he's the favorite. Special teams coordinator John Fassel did say that it's valuable to have a punter who can also kick off, so Niswander will probably have a chance to put that on tape in preseason games.

With the Amari Cooper injury and injury history, don't you think it wise to go with six receivers? There are some big receivers on this roster. That sixth receiver would need to be a big part on special teams, but also be able to provide depth at the position.  ROBIN FULCE / PANHANDLE, TX

David: Despite my best efforts, the coaching staff never asks for my opinion. But I personally am guessing they will end up keeping six receivers. It's something we've seen them do repeatedly in the last few years, and there are some talented options who can contribute on special teams – guys like Simi Fehoko or maybe Malik Turner, to be specific. When it's all said and done, I agree with you that there will likely be six guys on the 53-man roster.

Rob: At this point I don't believe Amari's injury is going to keep him out super long. So I don't think that's a legitimate reason to go heavy at wide receiver. If Simi Fehoko earns a job in preseason, then absolutely. But I can also play devil's advocate with this question and say, which position would you like to go short? Defensive tackle? Offensive line? Cornerback? The Cowboys' injury situation at the end of camp might dictate the numbers at certain spots.

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