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Mailbag: Kellen Moore's Impact? Guard Depth?

Views from the Dallas Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, California


With a few weeks of their first Dallas Cowboys training camp under their belts, how are the new "rookie" coaches (at least rookies in terms of being new to the Cowboys) making their impact on the team? I'm particularly interested in hearing your thoughts on Kellen Moore's contributions and transition from player to coach, especially because he coaches such an important position.

Bryan: Where Kellen Moore's impact will be felt is in the meeting room with his game preparation. When you watch him on the field especially during team periods he's very quiet in his approach. He's generally offering information only when it's needed. So far I do like the fit.

Rob: The quarterbacks appreciate how Moore can relate to them as a guy who's only one year removed from playing in this exact system. Dak Prescott believes Moore is a natural for this role. I spoke to Moore earlier in camp and the biggest difference for him is he's leading these meetings now rather than just being part of them. But the ankle injury in 2016 and that season on IR set him on the path toward this transition to coach.


If Marcus Martin is put on IR due to his toe injury and Chaz Green not performing as well as hoped for, do the Cowboys have a backup guard currently on the roster or will they wait and hope to pick one up off another team's practice squad?

Bryan: I see them claiming an offensive lineman during the roster reduction. Kadeem Edwards has shown some promise but it would be dangerous with him as the backup at this point.

Rob: Joe Looney is the primary backup center/guard and he's having a strong camp. But Marcus Martin did go on IR Monday, so they need another backup guard to step up. Green hasn't moved from tackle in camp, from what I've seen. Edwards has taken Marcus Martin's reps in practice and played pretty well, it seems. But as Bryan said, I think this is a spot they keep an eye on after preseason ends.

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