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Mailbag: Kellen's Resumé? Sweeping The East?


Kellen Moore had a prolific offense on the highest-profile NFL team, tons of head coach openings this past year with offensive minded GM's, and yet nobody wanted him. What do you think GM's see in him that worries them - and should it worry the Cowboys? MARK MUMFORD / WILINGTON, DE

David: I would keep in mind that only 4-6 NFL coaching jobs come open in a given year, and it's very hard to land one. Eric Bienemy has been the coordinator of a Chiefs offense that has played in four-straight AFC Championship Games, and he's still waiting for his chance. I will say that Kellen is still very young and inexperienced, by NFL standards. It's a heck of a fast track to be a head coach within your first five years on the job. That's an issue that can be solved in time, though. If he keeps the Cowboys' offense humming at the level it has these last few years, he should be just fine. 

Rob: The thing that maybe people don't realize about Rams coach Sean McVay — and I'm saying this because every rising offensive coach gets compared to him — is that he was an NFL assistant for eight years, including three as an offensive coordinator, before he got the Rams job at 31. Kellen Moore has been a coach — at any level, period — for four years. He's 33. He's got plenty of time to eventually reach that level.

Down in your gut, go you really think the Cowboys will sweep the division again this year? Our rivals have made vast improvements._ — GERRY HEITMAN / CAMERON, TX _

David: Last year was the first time in my nine years covering the Cowboys that they swept the division, so no I don't expect that to happen. I do think they're capable of going 4-2 or maybe 5-1, though. The division has improved, but Dallas still has Dak Prescott and a fearsome defense. Another thing I think is worth considering is the benefit of playing another of the weakest divisions in the league, the AFC South. If the Cowboys want to stack together some wins, they need to perform well against both of those divisions.

Rob: The Eagles, Commanders and Giants all seem to have gotten better on paper. The gap has probably closed a bit, especially if those teams get good quarterback play. So I'll predict that Dallas doesn't sweep this year. But I would argue that even if they go 4-2 in the East there's a path to double-digit wins and another division title. But no, it probably won't be as easy this year.

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