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Mailbag: Key Free Agent After D-Law? WR Help?

Cowboys Lawrence's Encore Football
FILE - In this Thursday, Nov. 22, 2018, file photo, Dallas Cowboys defensive end Demarcus Lawrence (90) during the first half of an NFL football game against the Washington Redskins in Arlington, Texas. Lawrence may not get to last year's career high of 14-1/2 sacks, but the Dallas defensive end is doing plenty to earn another big payday, one way or another. (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins, File)

Besides DeMarcus Lawrence, who do you see as the next most important person or persons to sign? - ZACHARY COLLINS

Bryan: It's not going to be easy to sign Cole Beasley back because it sounds like there are some issues from the player that they're going to have to work through. Depending on what you thought of Cam Fleming there might be some importance there. L.P. Ladouceur has been outstanding for years and working to get him on a one-year deal would keep that consistency on special teams you need. 

Rob: Based on production and experience, it's Cole Beasley, though his return is uncertain. As Bryan mentioned, Beasley discussed his status on Twitter Tuesday, saying he wants more chances on offense and how he's used is more important than money. It'll be interesting to see what his market is come March. Re-signing Tavon Austin would help if Beasley ends up finding another home. L.P. Ladouceur should be a priority, of course, given how consistent he's been at a specialty position.

Thoughts on wide receiver Cedrick Wilson and linebacker Chris Covington? Wilson is like adding another draft pick this year since he got hurt last summer. - BILL TURNER / DALLAS, TX

Bryan: Was a big fan of Cedrick Wilson in the draft, so having him back on the roster could prove beneficial to the squad. Chris Covington is going to allow you not to have to sign Damien Wilson and Justin March-Lillard. So I am OK with that. I think he's ready to play. 

Rob: You make a good point. Cedrick Wilson made a good impression as a sixth-round pick before hurting his shoulder in training camp and undergoing surgery. He should be good to go this year. Covington was a special teams contributor when active this season. He could be a candidate at SAM linebacker if Damien Wilson isn't re-signed.

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