Mailbag: Kris Richard's Impact On The Secondary? Jonathan Cooper's Future?



How big of a get is Kris Richard? This seems like it could be the biggest move of the offseason bringing in a proven defensive mind to run the back end of the defense while Rod Marinelli handles the guys in the trenches. With these young DB's and the success he had with the secondary in Seattle, how much of an impact do you think he has?

Bryan:Talking to scouts around the league who know Richard really like the hire. Great teacher and communicator. Big on accountability. Believes in playing sound defense. Not given enough credit for the development of those guys in Seattle.

Rob: Marinelli will continue to coordinate the entire defense, but yes, Richard is expected to oversee the DB's and coordinate the defensive passing game, according to reports. He has impressive credentials, no doubt. Seattle's "Legion of Boom," when healthy, has been one of the most aggressive, ball-hawking secondaries in years. But if Matt Eberflus does in fact leave for another opportunity, as so many have speculated, just remember he's done a very good job of coordinating the back end of the defense, as you said.



What is the feeling among the coaching staff with Jonathan Cooper? Will they try to re-sign or address position through draft, possibly both? He appeared to play well as season progressed, plus he is a former first-rounder and not that old.

Bryan: Shame that he suffered the knee sprain injury in the Philadelphia game. Going to have an offseason of rehab now. Could see him coming back possibly in a backup role. This draft will allow them to upgrade the position if they choose, with a couple of guys being in that second-round range.

Rob: I agree Cooper was solid and got better with more playing time. I'm sure money will factor into whether he's back. But keep in mind that the Cowboys have hired a new coach to oversee the offensive line. Paul Alexander has been in the league a long time and should bring a different perspective to the evaluation of the line.

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