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Mailbag: L.C. At Left Tackle? Harrison Smith Foul?


If Tyron Smith indeed misses time for this ankle injury, do you think they look at La'el Collins to fill in or do they stick with Ty Nsekhe? — SHAUN KING / CHEYENNE, WY

David: Mike McCarthy said on Sunday night that they went with Nsekhe against the Vikings because he's been practicing at the position. La'el hasn't played left tackle since he was at LSU, but I think it's a good bet that he'll take some reps there this week and the coaching staff will figure out their game plan as the weekend draws closer.

Nick: This one is somewhat tricky to me because of various factors. If Smith doesn't play for a game or two, I could see La'el moving over there but personally, Terence Steele seems more like a left tackle because of his athleticism. But then, you'd have Steele and Connor Williams on that left side together and that's probably not a great option. Nsekhe can handle it in the middle of the game but if it's a game or two, Collins or Steele should play on the left side.

Why isn't anyone as upset as I am about CeeDee getting choked out by Harrison Smith? CeeDee tapping on his arm to let go yet Smith still choking him. The refs were flag happy on quite a few other questionable calls yet seemed to ignore a player blatantly trying to hurt another. — JOHN TURNER / SANGER, TX

David: It's strange to say, but fans often have a much better view of the minutiae of the game than coaches, officials and media that are in attendance. Y'all have access to slow motion replay from 12 camera angles that often aren't available in the moment, inside the stadium. It's unfortunate, but I think the officials simply missed it happening. In a league where we're seeing repeated flags for taunting, I'm sure they didn't ignore it. I wonder if Smith will be getting an envelope from the league office at some point this week.

Nick: I can't say I saw it at all Sunday night. I'm sure the refs just missed it. But if you saw it, the NFL has seen it. And since CeeDee has been fined himself for wearing the wrong socks or having his jersey untucked, it seems like a save bet Harrison Smith will be getting a notice from the NFL this.

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