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Mailbag: Latest On Zeke Elliott Situation?


Ezekiel Elliott will reportedly meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell regarding his altercation with a Las Vegas security guard in May. Are you concerned this will impact his on-field status? - MIKE S / DALLAS, TX

Bryan: This meeting could go either way, but just like I said on our final Talkin' Cowboys of the offseason, if you put your fate in the hands of the commissioner's office you're playing with fire. It was clear that Elliott had to avoid these types of situations in Las Vegas and he was unable to do so. I don't believe that Roger Goodell is going to focus on the security guard, but the interaction that he had with the lady in his group. If Goodell and his staff believe that she's was in harm's way, this could influence their decision.

Rob: It must be pointed out that Elliott wasn't arrested or charged, and the Cowboys have been very pleased with Elliott's growth off the field the last couple of years. We all know the NFL can hand out discipline regardless of good legal standing, so we'll just have to see how this plays out.


Do you believe the Cowboys might be interested in Washington State's safety Jalen Thompson or anyone else available in the supplemental draft? - JOHNNY BOOTH / LITTLE ELM, TX

Bryan: I talked to a couple of members of the front office on Monday morning and was told that they would not be involved in the supplemental draft this year.

Rob: I believe the Cowboys haven't made a supplemental draft pick since 2012. I haven't studied Thompson, but I'd be a little surprised if the team broke that trend simply because you have to spend a 2020 draft pick on whichever round you take a player. It's tough to lose that draft flexibility almost a year in advance.

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