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Mailbag: Lessons from L.A.? Pollard's Future?


How is it the Rams, a team with 0 draft capital for years now are able to sign these higher end free agents while we struggle year after year and are always up against the cap. I do like our approach with drafting well and not overspending out of the gate, but what they do apparently works. — MIKE SMITH / VIRGINIA BEACH, VA

David: The Rams seem to have decided that proven production is more valuable than not. If you look at their books, they have a similar number of players on big contracts as the Cowboys — it's just that only two of them (Donald and Kupp) are homegrown, whereas that's how Dallas finds virtually all of its talent. The other thing that's worth remembering is that they've done a remarkable job of finding good players with their Day 3 draft picks. It's a really risky team-building strategy, in my opinion, but it has paid off for them in a big way.

Nick: I'll be honest, I don't know what the Rams are doing over there but I can imagine Cowboys fans aren't the only fans in the NFL that wish their team was adopting that plan. It not only worked last year but they should be in the hunt to win another one. Clearly, they're focused on the present than the future. There's no doubt, the Rams will have some rough times ahead, but they've already won one title and should compete for others. That approach seems to be worth it.

Do you foresee Dallas' front office re-signing Tony Pollard for the 2023 season and forward? It seems that would be a wise move, especially considering Ezekiel Elliott may no longer be a Cowboy after the 2022 season. — GREG WIRE / SPRINGFIELD, MO

David: I'd be fine with that, as long as it was an incredibly favorable deal for the team. What I'd rather see them do is draft a running back on Day 3 this year and Day 2 next year. Keep replenishing the talent pool with cheap draft picks and spend that money elsewhere.

Nick: I wouldn't mind that but I can't see the Cowboys offering a deal that would make Pollard and his camp want to avoid free agency. He'll enter that next season and there could be a big market for him. And as you said, if Zeke isn't on the team, the Cowboys might have different plans for Pollard. But let's be honest, if you think Zeke could be gone, Pollard's agent knows the same thing. They're not gonna take a low deal if there's a chance he could be the starter next year.

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