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Mailbag: Maher's Kicks; Frederick Update


Why are Brett Maher's kickoffs short? I thought he had a strong leg but in the game against the Eagles, the balls were hitting inside the 10-yard line all night. Any idea what's going on with him? - ZEP SMITH / SACRAMENTO, CA

Bryan: The kickoffs were not designed to be short so we can take that out of the conversation. Nobody has come forward and said that he's struggling with an injury and until that happens we just have to assume that the combination of the open air stadium and cold conditions had something to do with those miss hits. Kickoff coverage team did a nice job of bailing him out.

Rob: I wondered the same thing. Didn't seem to be a strategic thing, the wind didn't seem to be a huge factor, and there's no indication Maher is dealing with an injury. He also has missed three field goal attempts in three games, but the team and staff remains confident in him. Those extra points aren't givens anymore and he has been solid on those. But obviously there's little margin for error for the team at 4-5.


Any updates on Travis Frederick? Any possibility he may return this year? - DONALD STUBBS / TATUM, SC

Bryan: I don't think so. I haven't heard anything that makes me feel any different. Frederick has been working with Britt Brown during practice on the cords but I feel that's Brown's plan to keep him flexible and mobile. Until he can get his strength levels to his standards he'll continue to just take it day to day.

Rob: Travis told reporters Wednesday that he's seen slow but steady improvement and he's confident he'll eventually make a full recovery. The vast majority of people diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome do. There's obviously still no timetable for a return to the field, but he's around the team every day as a sounding board for the offensive line. I know I've said this a lot, but the most important thing first is his general health and well-being.

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