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Mailbag: Making too much of third receiver?


I've been reading a lot about who will be the Cowboys' third wide receiver with Jalen Tolbert appearing to be the frontrunner. But are we making too much of this? With tight end Jake Ferguson really being the third receiving option, would it be better to take a committee approach with the third receiver spot, using Tolbert, KaVontae Turpin, Jalen Brooks, etc. depending on the situation? – Ryan Simmons/Ft. Worth, TX

Nick Harris: You make a good point, because once you start getting into the weeds of depth receiving options, they all end up coming together as a committee anyway. This time last year, we were legitimately talking about a WR4 battle. The impact of that on the grand scheme of things is pretty small, but it allowed Jalen Tolbert to finally build confidence in the offense when he won that job. I think Ferguson will end up with the third-most yards in 2024, but I think Tolbert's potential impact is still being undervalued by some.

Nick Eatman: It's still May and we haven't seen a mandatory practice yet. Of course, we're making too much about the third receiver and really any backup spot for that matter. That's just the nature of covering this team. It happens like that all the time. I'm not saying it's not important but it's just too early in the game. If another receiver emerges to the forefront in training camp or the preseason, then it's likely they will be talked about for the No. 3 receiver. And with that, there would still be enough time for Tolbert to come back and work his way into the mix as well. Gallup started out as the third guy last year and it eventually went to Tolbert. So the answer is yes, we're talking about that spot too much. But that's what we do. Still early in the game and spots like that are certainly up for the taking.

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