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Mailbag: Martin Not Considered For Rookie Of Year? Can NFL Stop Revisiting Non-Call?


How is Zack Martin not even nominated for Offensive Rookie of the Year? I thought he might not get it because Odell Beckham Jr. is flashier, but Martin is first team All-Pro.

Bryan:Just me, but being named on the All-Pro Team is a bigger honor than being named Rookie of the Year or even the Pro Bowl. An offensive linemen would never be named Rookie of the Year unless it was an offensive tackle that stepped in and shut down some big-time rushers during the year.

David:It's a little strange to me that Martin wasn't even nominated, but that's the nature of awards I guess. You had to figure that with Martin being named to the Pro Bowl and the AP's All-Pro team, he probably wasn't going to make a clean sweep and win Rookie of the Year. Going against guys like Mike Evans, Beckham and Sammy Watkins – who have mountains of stats – it's hard to select a guy who doesn't accumulate stats by the nature of his position. He's also working on the same line as two other Pro Bowlers, which probably lost him votes.

It seems as though the league office is trying to delegitimize the Cowboys win. Why make any statement at all, rather than coming out every day with some new statement about how the game officials missed calls I guess on every successful Dallas play?

Bryan: My attitude: the game is over -- you won. The team and coaches have moved on and you should, too. Stop wasting your time worrying about things in the past that you have no control over.  

David: The league isn't trying to delegitimize anything – Cowboys fans are just upset that they aren't being allowed to revel in their big win. The NFL did not make a statement in the first place. They shared the findings of a play review with the Lions, privately, and that was reported to the media. The league office admits mistakes literally every week. The Cowboys submit questionable calls to the NFL on a regular basis. This is nothing new. It's in the public eye because 42.3 million people watched the game, and the calls benefited the most polarizing team in the NFL. It's unfortunate, but it is what it is. None of this changes the numbers on the scoreboard, which is what I'd try to focus on.

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