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Mailbag: McCarthy's contract affect free agency?


Does the fact that Mike McCarthy is in the final year of his contract affect what the Cowboys may or may not do in free agency? Will they sign multiple players to extended contracts when there is the possibility they may have a new coaching staff in 2025 with new ideas about schemes and players? I worry the Cowboys are somewhat handcuffed as far as free agency this year. – Stephen Sanchez/Chicago, IL

Nick Harris: I don't think McCarthy's contract playing a role in the approach to free agency plays any more of a role than anything else, such as extending Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb. Signing guys to one-year deals is ensuring that the incoming 2025 salary cap debacle doesn't become worse than it is already appearing to be. With or without McCarthy, there's a possibility of that reality. Is it a benefit if McCarthy indeed does not return in 2025 so that a new coach can start fresh? Probably, but I believe the front office is operating as if McCarthy will be here and that it will be partially his challenge as well to revamp the team.

Mickey: Not sure the Cowboys would shy away from a signable free agent just because McCarthy is on the final year of his contract. A player is a player, and a head coach must adapt to the players he has. Now on the other hand, a free agent player might be more hesitant to sign with the Cowboys knowing the head coach/offensive coordinator and the defensive coordinator are on one-year deals, if there is a choice between the Cowboys and another team whose head coach has more security. That would be more of a legit concern.

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