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Mailbag: Michael Gallup's Long Term Future?


I love how Amari said this past season that Gallup should be considered a number one receiver. I know his big payday is still a ways off, but do you foresee us trying to keep Gallup around long term or do you think he will likely be too expensive to keep him and Cooper? -– JACKSON CALHOUN / BRIDGE CITY, TX

Nick: You've got Gallup for two more years before his contract is up. I would think if he has another season like last year, you might want to think about re-signing him earlier. But don't forget about the Jets game. Cooper was out and Gallup needed to step up and he clearly didn't. He dropped several passes and didn't play like a No. 1 receiver. Right now, it looks like he is a very good No. 2 receiver, getting the benefit of playing alongside Cooper and one of the NFL's best running backs. Let's not rush it. Gallup is good but he needs to grow as well.

Lindsay: I think Amari's comment is proof that these two work well together, and think highly of one another. But the offense clicks best when Cooper is playing like the threat he is, so Gallup is free to make incredibly athletic catches. I love his vast improvement from his first year, and I think you do lock him up – if he and Cooper (or another WR1) are a tandem duo.

Do you see a fullback in our future, who can really get on the field and make a difference on this offense? – RANDY SEEDLE / WAKE VILLAGE, TX

Nick: I would hope so. That's a good question and one that I don't have a great answer for. One thing that Mike McCarthy has said numerous times is that he doesn't create his team to fit his style. He's going to adapt the style based on the personnel. I do recall the Packers having a steady fullback for McCarthy's teams but that doesn't mean it'll happen here. Personally, I'd like to find an old-school blocker because I think it has been missing here, especially in short-yardage situations.

Lindsay: Great question, just add it to the list of unknowns we'll have until we see something in OTA's. I know McCarthy has told us he won't force anything, so it's all about the personnel they have on the roster.

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