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Mailbag: Midseason Look At The Draft Class?


With a bye week to reflect, can you provide an update on the 2019 draft class -- how much playing time have each played, how have they performed, who is trending up vs. who is trending down? - CHUCK MARE III / FORT WORTH, TX

Rob: The club loves Tony Pollard's potential and approach, though it's tough to find him consistent touches with the talent they have at the skill positions -- most notably Zeke Elliott. Joe Jackson and Donovan Wilson are also behind more experienced players on the depth chart. I wouldn't write off Trysten Hill. Yes, Michael Bennett's addition is a sign they needed help on the interior line, but I look at Hill a little like Connor Williams last year: talented, hard worker, probably needs an offseason to get stronger. We haven't seen Connor McGovern or Jalen Jelks on the field this season because they're on injured reserve. Mike Weber is on the practice squad and Mike Jackson just got signed by Detroit off the practice squad.

Bryan: It's a fact – they haven't got anything from this draft class, which is the total opposite of what you can say about the 2018 group. It quite frankly has been a disappointment.

I have noticed that in previous years, DeMarcus Lawrence made many of his sacks when playing next to Tyrone Crawford. They did a good job together running stunts and games, which got Tank to the QB. How much is Crawford's injury affecting Lawrence and is this an example of the "little things" Crawford did that got unnoticed by fans? - BRENDAN RAYBUCK / LIVERMORE, CA

Rob: You're right, Lawrence and Crawford have worked well together over the years. You bring up a valid point that doesn't get recognized often enough – often it takes a team effort on the line to get a rusher home against the quarterback. Michael Bennett has familiarity with the scheme here and I think he'll have an impact working with Lawrence and the linemen.

Bryan: I always tried to point out how much Tyrone Crawford meant to this front. Some days the fans listened others not so much. There is no question that Crawford's power and push does make a difference inside. This is why the addition of Michael Bennett will help free up more opportunities. He might not have the power of Crawford, but he's disruptive and that's what they need.

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