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Mailbag: Mo Claiborne Changing His Approach? Ryan Davis' Progress?


Mo Claiborne has been great so far this season, but I have to say that I never saw a physical player in him. He impressed me in the 49ers game; he really made some outstanding tackles. You guys are close to the team, so I wonder what kind of changes has been Claiborne doing in the way he approaches training?

Rob: Claiborne has always seemed to feed off confidence. The more he has played, the more plays he has made, the more confident he's gotten. He played more this preseason than any time in his career. I think that's a huge factor here. The Cowboys' coaching staff has also emphasized the importance of their defensive backs playing more physical this year – being tough against the run, tackling better. We're seeing that from Mo, too.

Bryan: There is nothing different about the way that Claiborne has trained. Even when he was hurt, he was on the list for the offseason award winners. His health has allowed him to play the way he has and as long as it is there you will continue to see him play well. 


We already miss Ryan Davis here in Jacksonville. Exactly how do you see him helping the Cowboys this season?

Rob: Davis has gotten eight defensive snaps in each of the last two games, playing defensive end on both sides with a three- and four-man line. The Cowboys hope he can get comfortable in the scheme and give them some pass rush off the edge. it's possible Davis' snap count increases this Sunday depending on the status of David Irving (concussion).

Bryan: Well, Ryan Davis is a good guy and has some pass rush skills, as you know. They are trying to find ways to use him in the scheme here playing on both the left and right sides. Thought he was better against the Bears than he was the 49ers. Would like to see him capture that edge more because I know he can do it. Consistency has been a little bit of an issue. 

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