Mailbag: More Aggressive Approach This Offseason? Dez vs. Ertz Catch?



After watching the Super Bowl I can't help but wonder, do you think the front office might be willing to be more aggressive this offseason when it comes to piecing together the roster? i.e., the draft, free agency, both?

David: If I had to guess, I would say probably not — or at least, not as aggressive as you'd like them to be. The main methodology for this front office has been and will continue to be the draft. Having said that, seeing some of the success of clubs like Philadelphia has to make the Cowboys wonder if there's more they can do. If the right opportunity presents itself this spring, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Cowboys do something bold — but only for the right price.

Rob: I understand the question, and you have to give credit to the Eagles for 2017 roster moves that worked out. They were active in the trade market and acquired contributors like Ronald Darby, Tim Jernigan and Jay Ajayi. When you look at their free agent decisions, they had a plan pretty similar to the Cowboys' philosophy. They signed guys like Nick Foles, Alshon Jeffrey and Chris Long to cap-friendly deals. The draft is still the best way to build a team, and the Cowboys are doing well there. They made some low-cost signings last spring that simply didn't work out.



If that Philadelphia Super Bowl catch was ruled a touchdown how does it compare with Dez Bryant"s Infamous Green Bay catch that was not ruled a touchdown?  To me they seem exactly the same.

David: I could write a book about all the ways I think these catches were different. For starters, Zach Ertz never had to leave the ground to catch the ball, which made it easier for him to establish himself as a runner. On top of that, he broke the plane of the goal line. But look. There's no need for us to argue about this. The rule is convoluted and dumb. You shouldn't need a law degree to determine a catch in the NFL. One of the league's top priorities this spring should be simplifying the rule.

Rob: Just wrote a blog post on this subject. Dave is right – Ertz broke the plane, which ended the play after already being established as a runner. The plays aren't exactly alike. However, that doesn't mean Dez didn't catch it. In my humble opinion (and millions of others), Dez caught it.

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