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Mailbag: Most Important New Coaching Hire?


There are several key assistant coaching positions to now fill. Which do you think are the most important to the Cowboys' future success? To me, they need a quarterbacks coach who can help Dak Prescott reach the next level, although someone who can keep that offensive line going is big too. – Jeff Blankenship/Wichita, KS

Nick: Respectfully, I disagree with that. Now, that's not to say that Dak's continued development isn't crucial to this team's success. But for some reason, I just feel like the QB coach only has so much say in the equation. For so long, the head coach has been an offensive guy and the OC is a former quarterback. And then you've got a veteran backup on the staff and not to mention that Dak himself is now entering his eighth season. So maybe I'm wrong on this, but I've always wondered just how much the QB coach really played a factor in the success on the field. Now to answer the question, I'll go with the offensive line coach. The Cowboys have just hired veteran coach Mike Solari. I just feel like he's got to not only develop young linemen but create some chemistry within the entire unit. That's the biggest hire to me because he's replacing Joe Philbin, who I thought did an amazing job this past season.

Patrik: I'm right there with you on this, and I've made it clear on several occasions that the biggest improvement I saw in the progression of Dak Prescott came when he was being coached by Jon Kitna. That was no coincidence at all, nor is it in Prescott's sudden struggles with interceptions in the post-Kitna era. I'm sure Prescott will return to form in that category, having rarely thrown INTs in his career prior to 2022, but that could be helped in a major way by making the right call on who the next QB coach will be. The offense will go as Prescott goes, and that's not breaking news, so while things are being shaken up at the offensive coordinator position (including the departure of QBs coach Doug Nussmeier), it's a perfect and pivotal time to dialogue with Prescott and see who could possibly get him back in top gear for 2023. This isn't to discount the extreme importance of OL and RB coach, because those roles matter greatly as well.

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