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Mailbag: Most Significant Move This Season?


After looking back at all the changes the front office made this season, starting with no No. 1 WR, then trading for Cooper; all the assistant coaches they added; O-line coach change at midseason; starting Xavier Su'a-Filo at guard over Connor Williams … you get my drift. How do you grade the coaches and management? - ELLIOTT APONTE / HARTFORD, CT

Rob: I said this during the bye week: I give credit to the front office for recognizing the division was winnable and making a bold move to help their passing game -- and in turn, a defense playing at a championship-caliber level. The Cowboys are 6-2 since the trade, so to me, Cooper is the most significant addition they've made. But Kris Richard's impact as DBs coach/passing game coordinator cannot be overstated.

Bryan: As a fan you should love all the things they tried to do to get you to this point. Jerry Jones could have sat on his hands and did absolutely nothing, watched the team lose, fire the coach and tear the whole thing down, but he didn't. He saw a chance to make some changes and try go win this division. He's given his team a chance and that's all you can ask. They still might be a player or two away from being one of the top teams, but I don't know how you cannot give them high marks from where they came from. 


The offensive woes have been around all season, and yes it needs to improve, but is anyone else worried about the number of plays the defense has been on the field since the Saints game? Come playoffs, they'll need to get off of the field better than they have lately. - MARCO ASPAAS

Rob: They do need more of a breather, but I don't fully agree with your reasoning. You're right, the defense has been on the field for 141 plays the last two games, including 75 against the Bucs. The week prior, the Colts did an excellent job of converting third downs and sustaining drives. But for the most part, the defense got back to its level of play last week. They were on the field longer in part because of a defensive touchdown that immediately gave the ball back to the Bucs. And, not counting the run-out-the-clock drive at the end, the Cowboys' offense had six drives of five plays or fewer.

Bryan: It's not easy but this defense is better equipped to handle the workload than you think. The depth in the front seven is better, and that allows you the freedom to handle those games where the play total is high. As long as this team continues to not give up points, I am totally OK with how they're playing snaps wise.

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