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Mailbag: Move Up In Draft? Forgotten Depth?


Do you foresee any scenario where we could move back into the first round to grab someone the draft that the team thinks is a can't-miss in a position of need? JOHN MASIADO / HELLERTOWN, PA

Bryan: The great thing about the NFL Draft is that until the commissioner opens it up you don't know what's going to happen. As a staff you have to prepare for every opportunity to get back in it if there is a team willing to work with you. That extra fourth-round selection they're likely to get for Anthony Hitchens' free agent departure could help in some way. 

Rob: Hard to see that happening because their second-round pick is a late one. But you can't rule anything out because Jerry Jones and the front office likes to keep their options open on draft weekend. Moving back in might require you to dip into next year's draft, though – possibly your first.


Has Parker Ehinger become the forgotten man? If he is healthy does it give the Cowboys the option of having Connor Williams as a swing tackle next year? DAVID COLCLOUGH / SWINDON, ENGLAND

Bryan: Not forgotten but feel like he's more of a backup than starter at this point after what we've seen from Williams now. Ehinger's tape was good but not great, so we'll see how things shake out for him this summer.

Rob: The Cowboys traded for Ehinger in training camp but he landed on injured reserve with a knee injury before the start of the season. I think Williams will be the starting left guard in 2019, but Ehringer is under contract through next season and he does give them more interior line depth.

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