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Mailbag: Need For A Veteran Presence At CB? What Will The Giants Do?



With Orlando Scandrick being released, do you see the Cowboys signing a low-priced veteran CB to kind of help mentor the young DBs?

Bryan: I really don't. Sure, it's a young group -- but these kids will be fine. I am looking forward to seeing how Kris Richard works with them. I wouldn't be surprised if they add another one through the draft. 

David:We had an argument about this the other day on "Cowboys Break." I know these young guys still have a lot to learn, but it seems inefficient to crowd the secondary with unnecessary signings. I'm comfortable riding with Jourdan Lewis, Chido Awuzie, Byron Jones and Anthony Brown as my four primary corners. Don't forget that Marquez White and Duke Thomas are still hanging around, too. I'm not sure where a veteran would even fit in. There'll probably be some growing pains, but I trust them to figure it out.



If you were the Giants, which player would you take with the No. 2 pick in the draft?  I'm nervous they will get Saquon Barkley and that will open up the offense for a veteran QB, similar to what we were planning to do with Zeke and Romo.

Bryan: I'd take Quenton Nelson myself. They've added Nate Solder to play tackle so why not keep working on their biggest issue? Nelson is a 10-12 year Pro Bowl type of player. If you get a running back to last eight years, you've done a remarkable thing. They could grab a quality running back where they're selecting in the second round. 

David:It's funny to see the Cowboys on the other side of this argument just a couple years later. Personally, any outcome is preferable to a divisional rival finding a franchise quarterback. It looks like Dallas is going to have its hands full with Carson Wentz for the foreseeable future. If the Giants are able to secure the next decade of their franchise with another big talent, that's worse than anything any running back is going to do.

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