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Mailbag: Need To Draft An OT? Any Thought Of Using Franchise Tag?

With Chaz Green not being able to be on the field, do you think Dallas would take an offensive tackle to replace Doug Free in the future?

Bryan: I agree with your Chaz Green concern. If healthy he's a great option but that hasn't been the case for two seasons. I could see them looking at this draft class for a replacement or working Emmet Cleary there in camp to see if he could handle the job. 

David:I don't think it's time to give up on Chaz Green just yet, but it's a valid concern. Doug Free has one year left on his deal, and Green has been available for just four games in two years. I don't think it'd be a bad idea to draft another tackle at some point this spring, just to assure yourself a contingency plan.

With all of the free agents that the Cowboys have to decide on this offseason, who amongst the group do you see is worthy of a franchise tag...if any?

Bryan: I don't see them using the tag at all. Would only use it if they got in trouble trying to get a contract done. 

David:That might be the best thing about the Cowboys' prospects this year. They don't have a single guy that merits the franchise tag. So even if they lose some of these guys to the open market, they at least won't be caught overpaying for someone's services. If I was going to use it on someone, it'd probably be Barry Church – but even that would be too expensive.

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