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Mailbag: No. 3 RB Battle; Preseason Balancing Act


In my opinion, and I know I'm not alone on this, the team never should have allowed Darius Jackson to be picked up by another team to begin with. I think they are very fortunate to have a second shot at him, and liked him better than Bo Scarbrough even before Scarbrough's injury. I hope the Cowboys don't make the same mistake twice. You agree?


Bryan: I'll be very honest here: That is the best that Jackson has looked since the club signed him back. Scarbrough was ahead of him before he got hurt, so this will open the door for Jackson. He had better find a way to build off that Cincinnati game if he wants to make this club.

Rob: Looks like Scarbrough is going to be OK after suffering a hip pointer in the Bengals game, so to me, the competition is in full swing now. I think it'll come down to which back can help more on special teams because, let's be honest, Ezekiel Elliott and Rod Smith are getting the carries in the regular season.

It is truly a Catch-22 for Jason Garrett and the coaching staff to manage the snaps of the important players during the preseason. How do you weigh the value of getting enough preparation versus limiting the chances of injuries to your stars?


Bryan: I said this on Talkin' Cowboys yesterday: I don't believe that Jason Garrett worries about the injuries. He believes in getting his guys work regardless of the situation. If a player gets hurt, to him that's part of the game. He uses the phrase "Next Man Up" quite a bit. I can speak from experience: I can't stand losing players in the preseason because I know how hard it is to replace them. I wished that none of them played, but Garrett is clearly different.

Rob: Jerry Jones said Tuesday morning that the team will be mindful of injury risk when discussing playing time for Dak Prescott for this Sunday's preseason game, given the injuries to Travis Frederick and Zack Martin. We'll see. Typically the starters play into the second half of the third preseason game, but remember that Prescott has also been without several receivers lately. As Garrett said Monday, determining playing time is always a balancing act.

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