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Mailbag: No Compensatory Picks?; More Criticism Of Hardy Than McDonald?

According to many articles, I thought we were supposed to get so many picks, some as high as the third round, for our losses in free agency? What happened?

Bryan: This is exactly why you need to continue to read the work of the writers at because I know for a fact that our approach all along was that the Cowboys would not be getting picks due to the way that the free agency losses were being replaced. The formula is not based on play time but the amount of money spent on the players.  The Cowboys replaced the players they lost with players of equal value, thus no extra selections.

David: It's also important to remember: compensatory picks are determined and awarded on a year-long delay, essentially. The compensatory picks that were just awarded were for 2014 free agency. The Cowboys' only real loss during that stretch was Jason Hatcher, and the league determined that didn't' merit a pick. With DeMarco Murray, Bruce Carter, Henry Melton, Justin Durant and Dwayne Harris moving on this year, the Cowboys have a great probability of earning some picks next spring.

I am curious why there is so much uproar about Dallas signing Greg Hardy, but almost nothing about the Bears signing Ray McDonald. Seems the Cowboys did more homework than the Bears. Thoughts?

Bryan: I wouldn't say that the Cowboys did more or less homework than the Bears because every team is different in their approach to these situations. Let be honest here, these domestic violence cases are new to all the front offices around the league. For years we have dealt with drug and alcohol issues, so this is a little like Columbus sailing across the sea looking for the new land – you really don't know what you will find. I will say that if you really read the Chicago papers, they are taking heat.  

David: I've got two responses. First, it seems as though the Bears are taking a decent share of criticism for the decision – particularly in the Chicago media. Though obviously, I don't think the Bears command anywhere near the same amount of national attention as the Dallas Cowboys, so that's part of it. Secondly, Ray McDonald never faced any criminal charges for his actions. Greg Hardy was charged, then found guilty by a judge before requesting a jury trial. I guess my point is that there's a clearer picture of Hardy's transgressions, which is bound to bring about more criticism.


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