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Mailbag: O-Line Progress? X-Factor Saturday?


It seemed that Connor Williams held up pretty well last Saturday, apart from the one sack. Did you notice any other difficulties with twist stunts and the like? I haven't heard much about La'el Collins recently, which I'm taking as a positive rather than a negative. Have you seen decent improvement in him since his early season struggles? - STUART ANDERSON / UNITED KINGDOM

Bryan: Connor Williams and Tyron Smith had a problem on the only Seattle sack which was a twist stunt that they tried to man instead of pass. I do have some concerns in this matchup with the Rams that we're going to see some stunts to their side just to see how they are going to handle them. Collins is taking the same path that he took last season: some struggle initially, then pull things together in the end. It's been a good season for him on that right side.

Rob: I thought it was one of the best games the line has played from a pass protection standpoint, Williams and Collins included. Overall the communication seemed good. The Rams are as talented as any front they've faced, which makes the run game so critical. Can't allow them to tee off against Dak Prescott.


Strong defense and a stout running game with catches from Amari and company are definitely important. Do you see Dak as the X-factor to win the game -- especially him running? - STEPHEN GRAYSON / GREENVILLE, MS

Bryan: I think this will be a game where we see Dak Prescott having to use his legs more than we normally do and I am just not talking about designed runs. This Rams pass rush is no joke and Prescott is likely going to be forced to have to escape more than he wants to. How well he is able to handle this Rams rush will be the key of the game, no question.

Rob: Well, Dak's mobility has proved to be a major asset, especially down in the red zone. I agree that the key to this game is how well they can protect him, particularly in the middle of the pocket. If he doesn't have a place to step up and make throws, it's going to be a challenge. But as I said above, the entire line did a really nice job against Seattle.

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