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Mailbag: Odd Of Re-Signing Hardy Long-Term?; What's The Plan Going Forward?

It seems to me that Greg Hardy picked Dallas because it was his final option. If he chooses to not come back next year, the team is back to not having a solid pass rusher. What are the chances Dallas can bring him back next year, and would they have to cap space to sign an elite pass rusher for a long-term deal?

David: It's a position of need for both parties, which works out really well in my opinion. The Cowboys need the help with their pass rush, but they don't want to commit a lot to a player with Hardy's background. Hardy needs to prove himself worthy of mega-money, and he doesn't want to commit to a deal he might be able to exceed in the near future. If he plays well in 2015, that's a fantastic problem for the Cowboys to have. It's entirely possible they'll be able to free up the money to sign him, because the salary cap is bound to increase and the cap hits on guys like Tony Romo will decrease. In my opinion, that's a concern for the 2016 Cowboys. For the time being, let's just see how well (and how often) this guy can play.

Bryan: There is always a chance to re-sign the player. The cap will increase and there will be room for other options. What Stephen Jones has done here is that he has added an elite pass rusher for a season knowing that he would most likely not get one in this draft at his spot. The move not only gives him an outstanding player for the upcoming season, but it buys him time to think about options in 2016 or re-signing Hardy if things work out. It's a smart move to protect himself.

So now that we've signed Hardy, what's the plan that you see happening? Does the front office try to sign other free agents such as Rolando McClain, or do we focus on the draft?

David: I'm not going to be surprised if there are some more signings coming our way, but they aren't going to be deals that move the needle – like Hardy was. It's possible they could bring McClain back into the fold, but my honest impression right now is that the Cowboys intend for Jasper Brinkley to fill that role. Any other signings between now and the draft I'd imagine will be of the depth or role player variety.

Bryan: Jasper Brinkley is going to be your starting Mike in my opinion, unless something changes with McClain -- but I believe that lot has been cast. The fact that they have no deal with him at this point tells me a great deal about their thoughts of him. What we have to understand is that we see McClain only three hours a week – the coaches and front office live with him all those other hours. What we think of him and what they think of him most likely are two entirely things. I see some more moves, but on the low level scale. Could be looking for another swing offensive tackle or defensive tackle. Don't rule out a trade with a late pick or player. 


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