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Mailbag: Odds Of Re-Signing Doug Free Next Year?


If Doug Free produces at a level similar to last season, would the Cowboys be willing to re-sign Free? Or would Free be looking to make back some of the money he lost in restructuring his contract and be out of the price range for the Cowboys?

Rowan: I don't think he'll be asking for a ton of money, given that after this season he'll be 31 years old. He should be affordable enough to keep, but the question is what the Cowboys plan on doing with Zack Martin. If they want to eventually kick him out to tackle, they may move on from Free. If they want to keep Martin at guard, signing Free becomes much more viable if he repeats his 2013 success.

David: I wouldn't be surprised at all to see that happen – at an affordable price, of course. Free is experienced and, assuming he maintains his form from last season, dependable, and I like his odds to hold off Jermey Parnell. Keeping him around for another year or two could be good while they keep an eye on the future.

Will Nick Hayden make the team? He really went hard to work every Sunday. It would be a shame if he didn't make the team this year.

Rowan:I would certainly think yes, and he'll have a chance to start once again. As many defensive linemen as this team has, there aren't a [embedded_ad] ton of players that fit the one-technique role. Hayden knows what's expected of that position after last year. I'd expect the starter at that spot would be him or Terrell McClain. But Hayden still needs a good camp.

David: I'm a lot less confident that he'll start after seeing Terrell McClain play a bit this spring, but I'm confident he'll make the roster. Fortunately for Hayden, and all the defensive linemen, he's working in a spot where starting isn't really that important – it's all about the rotation. I definitely expect him to factor into the rotation along with McClain and perhaps Ken Bishop.

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