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Mailbag: Offseason Priorities? Draft Needs?


I'm sure you're getting plenty of these questions now that the Cowboys' season is at an end, but what do you see as the biggest needs for the upcoming draft? I feel it's defensive tackle, safety, then TE/interior lineman in that order (depending on whether or not it looks like Travis Frederick will be able to play next season). - CHARLES BALBOA / LONG VALLEY, NJ

Bryan: Those appear to be good starting points. Depending on what happens at defensive end with DeMarcus Lawrence and linebacker with Sean Lee might influence you as well.

Rob: Sounds like Frederick's outlook for a 2019 return looks very good, according to head coach Jason Garrett. I'm not dodging your question at all, but free agency (who they keep and who moves on) will determine a lot of their draft needs. Wide receiver could be a need even after the Amari Cooper trade because Cole Beasley and Tavon Austin have expiring contracts. We'll see what happens there. Defensive line depth always should be a target through the draft, both at tackle and edge rusher.


Even though the 2018-2019 Dallas Cowboys are eliminated from the playoffs, what are the priorities for this young team, not only to stay hungry but also to be competitive for years to come? - LUTHER JOHNSON / MONROEVILLE, PA

Bryan: Have to continue to find ways to build around this quarterback. I might be alone here, but you have something in Dak Prescott and I am working hard to see that through in the future.

Rob: They need their young players, those first- and second-year guys, to take a step forward next season. The Cowboys don't spend a lot on signing outside free agents and they don't have a first-round pick. They should have a solid amount of cap space to try to re-sign some of their own top guys – DeMarcus Lawrence figures to be a top priority – and then look to draft well. But they need further development from within.

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