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Mailbag: Players To Be Poached After Cuts?




I know most teams tend to keep players from their team on practice squads after final cuts because they see their potential. Which players do you see not making the team that you could see being poached before they can get to our practice squad?

Bryan:This is just a projection so I am going to do it on position and not players. The area I think they could lose players is CB, DE and WR. Those appear to be the spot where they have the most talent that would likely be out of a job. I could see them go a little long on DE in order not to lose a guy they like.

David:The wide receiver group is an obvious call, considering there's about five talented guys who aren't likely to make the team. The other obvious one is Rico Gathers. If he doesn't make the team, I've got to believe there are several other clubs that would want to take a look.



I have seen a few videos of Lance Lenoir and Noah Brown working out lately. What are the odds of Lenoir making the team? And what have you guys seen out of him over the last year in practices and practice squad? Would you guys favor him over a guy like Cedrick Wilson?

Bryan:His experience is an advantage and he's a favorite of Dak Prescott and the front office. He's going to be given every opportunity to make this squad but he's going to have to stack some consistent practices together in Oxnard and finish well in these preseason games. At this point, I don't have him on my 53 but as always that could change.

David:Like I said in the above question, the odds are against Lenoir -- just because there are only so many receiver jobs to go around. But Lenoir has been impressive this year and I think he's positioned himself well to impress at training camp. He's versatile and knowledgeable. If I had to guess, I give him the nod over Wilson based on experience alone.

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