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Mailbag: Players To Watch During The OTAs?


With Cowboys organized team activities starting up, who's a player on both sides of the ball that you really want to keep an eye on? - MIKE S / DALLAS, TX

Rob: Without pads on, evaluations are somewhat limited in OTAs, but I want to see how Jason Witten looks after being gone for 10 months. He said the captains' workouts helped him integrate back into the program. On defense I'll be watching Dorance Armstrong. Again, no pads, but he should get an opportunity for more reps at defensive end while DeMarcus Lawrence recovers from shoulder surgery.

Bryan: I tend to look at positions, so with that being said, I am interested in the receivers and defensive backs. Both of these areas have a chance of veterans players to be shown the door. OTAs will show us how they will line up for training camp, and that's where the real competition will begin.

Thinking of the last five seasons, which position is the easiest to bring in a guy off the couch and have them contribute during the year, and which position is the hardest? How big of a factor will this be on cut-down day? - CHRIS BARKEMA / STORY CITY, IA

Rob: Typically running back is a position you can plug in fairly quickly on short notice, though obviously there's a big difference between adequate production and what Ezekiel Elliott does. And, typically, finding offensive line help is really difficult by the time you get to training camp. That's why it's impressive how much depth the Cowboys have built up front.

Bryan: I'll always go long at both lines in order to protect myself because that's the hardest positions to find. History has shown me that a running back is the easiest to bring off the street. See the Rams from last year.

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