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Mailbag: Position In Need Of Mid-Season Upgrade?


Which position on the team do you believe needs to be upgraded now that we've seen six games? I am one that believes that we need to upgradedefensivetackle or left guard before the trade deadline. What are your thoughts? – ABRAHAM CANTU / ALTON, TX

Nick: Hmm, this is a tough question because you can pick any spot, but only a few of them are actually realistic. But right now, I think the Cowboys are hurting at wide receiver. Sure, we've seen Michael Gallup and Noah Brown make plays. But not always on a consistent level. Even CeeDee Lamb isn't make the consistent 'wow' plays that we thought we'd see on a regular basis. The Cowboys got into a tough game with the Eagles on Sunday and they needed a few more playmakers on the field to help Cooper Rush. Now, maybe Dak's return will help with this and we'll see an emergence with the receivers. Perhaps James Washington can provide that spark as well. But if you're asking me a position that could use a little bit of a boost, I'd say wide receiver for sure.

Patrik: Quar-… I'm kidding. This is a very good question and a difficult one to answer. You have so much depth across the defensive line that impact players behind the other impact players are having a hard time getting playing time, and the same applies to the LB corps (see Jabril Cox for reference). Cornerback and safeties are locked in and deep as well, so I suppose I'd go to the offensive side of the equation and look at the receiver corps – because if Jalen Tolbert isn't showing you enough yet to target him as WR4 then find a more ready solution there (or, hey, use that Turpin guy).

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