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Mailbag: Position to Fill in Free Agency to Help Draft?


The way this draft is shaping up, it appears the Cowboys are in a good position to get a playmaker on offense or defense in the first round. But what position of need would you like to see the team fill in free agency in order to help make sure of that? For me, I'd like to see them sign a quality guard in free agency to keep the first two draft picks for the best playmakers available. – David Kenitz/Lake George, NY

Patrik: This is a tough one when you consider there's literally no clue just yet where the Cowboys will land on how many of their in-house free agents they'll be able to retain, and that will dictate what positions they'll need to throw more weight at in free agency and, eventually, the 2023 NFL Draft. But if I had to choose, I'd say grab another playmaker at wide receiver to help complement the ascension of CeeDee Lamb and what the team hopes will be a resurgent season for Michael Gallup, or a CB2 (several come to mind) to make sure the play opposite Trevon Diggs is rock-solid; but I also would not be upset if they doubled down on their 2022 draft and grabbed an offensive lineman in the first round. After all, games are won and lost in the trenches and there are far too many questions in that unit for me to admit I'm anything but uneasy about where things stand there now.

Mickey: Well, I'd be hard-pressed to think they would draft a mere guard in the first or second round in the first place. What would you think of re-signing one of their own, Connor McGovern, depending on what his market value is. This is complicated. First, the Cowboys have to decide if Tyron Smith has another year left in him to play at a high level at left tackle. That would then allow Tyler Smith to move back to left guard. But then the Cowboys also have to project when Terence Steele will be ready to resume starting at right tackle. If Steele isn't ready, might the Cowboys move one of the Smiths over to right tackle. Now then, if they do sign a guard in free agency not named McGovern, how about signing a moderate veteran and let him compete for the job with Matt Farniok, who played decently during his two starts there. A lot of moving parts here. And I'm with you on the best playmakers available in the first and second rounds.

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