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Mailbag: Possibility Of Moving Sean Lee Outside?



What do you think about the possibility of moving Sean Lee to weak side linebacker and drafting C.J. Mosley to play middle linebacker?

Rowan: That depends on where Mosley is at medically and physically, but I'd consider it. I have a hard time moving Lee out of that spot, simply because he's the defender who leads the troops and the guy everyone looks to. He's the most well-prepared, instinctual player on defense, and it would make sense to keep him in the middle of the action where he can diagnose plays more easily. But a move to the weak side could limit his wear and tear, and if Mosley's graded far and beyond the other first-round linebacker prospects when the Cowboys pick at 16, I wouldn't shoot that pick down.

David: If the Cowboys aren't scheming possible options to protect Lee from further injury at this point, I'd have to consider that a mistake. If they think moving him out of the middle could help fix that problem, then I say go for it. Unfortunately, Mosley seems to have injury issues of his own, and he seems to be far and away the best inside linebacker in this draft. So if not him, then who? I like the idea in theory. But Lee is far too talented a middle linebacker to force a move like that unless it's a great fit.

With all this discussion about re-structuring Ware's contract and including performance incentives, why don't we do the same with Miles Austin? He must realize his injury history won't make him a high commodity as a free agent if we cut him, so a new contract with performance incentives seems to make sense for him too.

Rowan:Ware demonstrated more recently that he still possesses the high upside that made him a star. Austin had a poor 2013 [embedded_ad] and just a decent 2012, but injuries still caught up to him that year and we haven't seen the healthy, dominant Austin since 2010. The Ware everyone saw in training camp and early in 2013 was consistently destroying everyone he went up against. There's no guaranteeing Ware stays healthy, but there's more of a belief that he can still take over a game when at full strength. They're not going to restructure a player with a huge contract when they're ready to move on from that player, which may be the case with Austin.

David: On top of what Rowan already said, I think Austin's production is more easily replaced by a newer, cheaper player. Terrance Williams chalked up 736 yards and five touchdowns in his rookie year, which is comparable to or better than Austin's past three seasons. Another rookie receiver, coupled with Dez Bryant and Williams, could be more effective for a much smaller cost.

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