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Mailbag: Prepared For Zeke Elliott's Absence?


I was a little surprised when we drafted two running backs in this year's draft thinking we would draft one and sign a veteran back later. Now in retrospect with Zeke's holdout, do you guys think the Joneses saw some signs back then that this holdout was about to happen? - JEFF NEISTEIN / WOODLAND HILLS, CA

Bryan: The front office was caught off guard. Jones knew he could get Morris but he had to go to him quicker than he wanted to.

Rob: There were national reports earlier in the offseason hinting at a possible camp holdout, but Elliott's absence actually came as a surprise to some in the organization last week. They drafted Pollard because they needed a replacement for Rod Smith and they really liked his production at Memphis. They had a mid-round grade on Mike Weber and felt he was too good to pass up in the seventh.

I know you are going to tell me not to worry, but I keep reading about interceptions here and forcing the ball there. The credit seems to go to the defensive players, but I'm concerned about Dak forcing the ball. A turnover can change the result in a game (or season). How much is that on him, and how much is credit to the "D"? - JUSTIN BEASLEY / SANTA ROSA, CA

Bryan: I watch every throw that Prescott makes. It's night/day where he's started and now. He's not forcing the ball nor is he making poor decisions. The pass that was picked by Woods is a pass the defense sees every day. They know working against this offense that when they blitz the slot they're going to get a HOT throw. Woods just played it well.

Rob: You're right, I'm going to tell you not to worry. Prescott has been sharp overall. One of those picks Tuesday was a tipped ball. The other was a great read by Xavier Woods, and it gave Prescott and Randall Cobb a chance to discuss exactly what they should've done against that particular look by the defense. (Mickey explained this in his latest **Mick Shots**.) This is what training camp is for.

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