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Mailbag: Randy Gregory Update? Re-Signing DeMarcus Lawrence?



Will we see Randy Gregory in a Dallas uniform or any other uniform after his suspension is served?

Bryan:Gregory can ask for reinstatement on Nov. 6t of this season. I have been told that the front office is keeping tabs on his situation. I have also been told that he has made some serious life-changing decisions for the good. I don't know if he'll ever end up back with the club or in the NFL, but it sounded like he's trying. 

David:It still feels pretty early to speculate about Randy's future. We know he can apply for reinstatement soon, but he can't come back to the organization until January at the earliest. The biggest thing for me is that he's not costing you a roster spot and you don't have to pay him right now. Hopefully, he can turn things around. But it's not hurting the Cowboys to hold on to that hope.



With the way Lawrence is playing, do you think it would be a wise move to sign him during the season? If so, what do you think his value would be at this point? Also, would Lawrence be willing to do it?

Bryan:There is no hurt in trying to maybe talk, but I have a feeling that they're going to let his situation play out with the idea that they could use the tag on him if needed. Remember that he's also one of those guys that is dealing with a previous back condition. That always should weigh in your decision when thinking long-term. 

David:I don't think there's any chance DeMarcus Lawrence would sign a contract extension right now -- unless it was absolutely huge. This is probably the only time in his career where he's going to have leverage over his team. His value can only continue to climb if he keeps playing well, and we all know how much the open market rewards good players. The way smarter play is for him to wait this thing out and see if he can earn either the franchise tag or a much larger pay day.

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