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Mailbag: Re-Signing Aldon Smith Early?


With how well Aldon Smith is playing in the first few weeks after being out of football for so long, do you think we might consider signing him in the middle of the season with some of the money we restructured, or wait until the end of the season and possibly see him leave, like Robert Quinn? — MAX MAKUTA / OLYPHANT, PA

Jonny: I still think that they probably wait until after the season. It's not like they could have forced Quinn to sign with them in the middle of the season. And it's not like they weren't allowed to pay him what Chicago did. They could have paid him that money. Aldon Smith is probably going to get want to let the market reward his comeback and the Cowboys will have plenty of reasons to be among the highest bidders.

David: I'd be all in favor – but the problem is that it takes two to tango. I'd love to re-sign Aldon Smith to a larger but still manageable two or three-year contract. But Aldon Smith probably realizes that he's off to an amazing start, and he might want to see how much money he can make on the open market. If both sides are open to getting a deal done, hopefully it could happen. But it's hard to say for sure what each party is thinking so early in the season.

This question was asked on one of your podcasts already, but I would like to hear from the writers. After a 1-2 start, do you think this team is better in 2020 than they were at 3-0 last year, or are they worse? — THOMAS NARRO / YOKOHAMA

Jonny: That's a tough question. They're definitely more exciting, but I don't have much reason to believe they're much better. We have a template for what to expect from them; their offense is dynamic and their defense is deeply flawed. It's more than just injuries. I don't really know how you correct the problems they have in the secondary besides asking the offense to score more points. I don't have a lot of confidence they are going to beat the Browns, so it's hard for me to say they're a better team than last season.

David: Honestly, probably about the same? The offense looks better, and they have played a higher level of competition through three weeks. But the defense also looks much more flawed, and that's going to be a problem if they don't see at least some slight improvement. Fortunately, they're getting amazing play from their quarterback, and that always gives you a chance to win in the NFL. I'm still optimistic they'll continue to improve as they get more reps under their belt.


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