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Mailbag: Reason For Scandrick's Absence?; Is Drafting CB Risky?

Since Orlando Scandrick is not present at the start of voluntary workouts, is that a sign that he is not happy with his contract?

Nick: Yes, I think you could make that assumption. It's not anything that has been officially clarified but I think that's the issue. And if so, he's got a good argument. Remember, his $1.5 million salary this year equals the salary of Chris Jones and Lance Dunbar, who both just signed their restricted free agent deals. It doesn't mean Scandrick will hold out the entire offseason but if that's the case, I don't know that I can disagree with it.

Rob: The indication is his absence was contract-related, yes. Scandrick has a $1.5 million base salary for 2015, which is cheaper than Brandon Carr or Mo Claiborne. The Cowboys have taken care of Scandrick in the past – he has signed two extensions in the past four years – but I would imagine he believes he's outperformed his current deal.

Am I right in believing that cornerback drafting is such a crap shoot that it's better to fill that position in FA and use draft picks for positions you are more likely to hit (DL, RB, WR, etc.)? Also, does a strong D-line offset a weak secondary?

Nick: Are you forgetting that veteran cornerbacks can be the same? Remember when the Cowboys signed Brandon Carr for $50 million? The other corner they nearly signed was Cortland Finengan, who is no longer with the same team (Rams) he signed with. Corners are tough to evaluate because the pass rush factors in greatly. I just think they stick to the board and draft defense because whether it's a corner, end, tackle, linebacker or even safety, he'll be able to play and contribute right away.

Rob: Yes, I believe a strong D-Line makes everything on your defense better. But no position on the roster has more questions right now than corner. And, is cornerback really a bigger draft crapshoot than the other positions you mentioned, just because Claiborne hasn't met expectations as the sixth overall pick? Scandrick has worked out pretty well, I'd say. Signing a stop-gap veteran is possible depending on what happens in the draft, but this is a pretty good draft class with potentially several good corner prospects available in the first two rounds. If the Cowboys value one and trust him as a scheme fit, I don't think they'll be afraid to pull the trigger.

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