Mailbag: Reasoning For Trading Switzer? Preparing For Life Without Witten?



Why did Dallas trade away Ryan Switzer for a guy who, based on his production thus far, looks to me as nothing more than a camp body? I get that they had an excess at WR and a need for depth at DT but there definitely feels like there was one or two guys more expendable than Switzer, particularly in regards to the return game.

Bryan: The Raiders called the Cowboys about Switzer, so that's how it got started. Ward is not a camp body. He's a guy that Will McClay really liked coming out of college. He's taking a shot on a player that's young and he feels is a good fit for the rotation. Once Tavon Austin was added, they had no further need for Switzer. It's a great opportunity for him in Oakland.

David:I was intrigued to see what Ryan Switzer might bring to the team in his second season, but those are the breaks of the NFL. Tavon Austin can handle Switzer's return duties, and he also brings a  speed element the offense lacked without Lucky Whitehead. Ward hasn't had a ton of success to this point, but the Cowboys had a good grade on him in 2016 and he addresses a need. Seems like a fair swap all the way around.



With Witten contemplating retirement, the offense could have a new look next season. Do you think they could run the ball effectively out of 10 personnel?

Bryan: Where this offense is going to be different is now in the red zone. If Witten retires and with Dez Bryant no longer on the roster things are going to change how they operate there. Teams are going to have to play them differently. As far as running the ball. I wouldn't sleep on Swaim, Jarwin and the newly added Schultz. That's a pretty good group of point of attack guys.

David:If Jason Witten does retire, I'm fascinated to see if it means more 10 personnel looks. The Cowboys have the receivers necessary to go with that personnel, and their offensive line is more than good enough to function without a tight end. If you can force the opposing defense to go small, you could create some really favorable looks for Ezekiel Elliott.

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