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Mailbag: Reunion With Jaylon Smith?


With the injury to Jabril Cox and the release of Jaylon Smith by the Packers, is there any chance that the Cowboys may bring him back for additional linebacker depth? — BRIAN BONDURANT / MIDLOTHIAN, VA

David: I don't see it happening. Once you make the decision to move on from a guy like Jaylon, it just seems a bit awkward and clunky to bring him back into the locker room a few weeks later. That's the type of decision that feels permanent, or else they wouldn't have done it in the first place. As far as additional depth, they still have Luke Gifford, and Francis Bernard is also working his way back from a hamstring injury.

Nick: The Cowboys made that move for a variety of reasons and Jabril Cox was just one of them. But I think it was clear they wanted to move on from that experience, mainly because of the very reason the Packers just cut him – he just isn't a linebacker who can play enough snaps to justify being on the roster. And he doesn't play special teams either so I don't it happening at all. The question now is if another team will pick him up. The easy answer is probably not, but don't rule out the fact that he's been cut by a 6-1 team and a 7-1 team. There could be several teams out there that just don't have the defensive depth as others and they might be able to use him.

With the trade deadline passing and the second half of the season upon us, do you believe the front office will start looking at securing some of our upcoming free agents? Dalton Schultz is the obvious one, but I'd also throw in Jayron Kearse. Both have shown value and would garner interest if we were to let them walk. — RYAN FLETCHER / MOUNTAIN CITY, TN

David: Never say never, but you just don't see that happen often in football. In my nine seasons covering this team, I don't think they've ever signed a player after the start of the regular season. You have to remember the players have a hand in this, too. Dalton Schultz, Michael Gallup and Randy Gregory all know that their value goes up every time they play a good game. There's just not much incentive for those types of things to happen in the middle of the year. Both sides are looking for leverage, and it's hard to establish that while the games are still happening.

Nick: Want to? Sure. Get to? Probably not. Agents have a say in this as well and they know what's happening right now. They'd be downright foolish to rush into a situation and sign a deal just because the Cowboys want to get it done. Now, if the money is good enough, sure you can go ahead and make the deal right now. But I would imagine the Cowboys will just wait, as will the players, and see how it all plays out. Don't forget, we've still got 10 games to play int he regular season and maybe some more after that. The narrative can change several times between now and March.

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