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Mailbag: Richard's Future? Defending Wilson?


Is there any way Kris Richard stays with us for another year? Your gut feelings? - ANDY FIELDER

Rob: According to reports, at least three teams with head coaching vacancies – the Dolphins, Jets and Bucs – have interest in interviewing Richard. Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett says Richard won't be going on interviews this week before the wild-card game, but there's no question the job he's done in Seattle and now Dallas has gotten people's attention. I can see him hitting an absolute home run in an interview. And if he gets an offer elsewhere, well, it's hard to turn down reaching the top of your profession. We'll see.

Bryan: I think Richard leaves for another job. He's going to interview too well and the team that hires him will fall in love with him. He's been too successful in his career and people know that. His passion and energy is a blessing. If he doesn't take a job, it's due to his own decision on the right fit. 


Do you think Seattle is a bad matchup for the Cowboys? Mobile quarterbacks have been a problem for this team. If you look back (Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Alex Smith, Marcus Mariota, Andrew Luck) all L's on the schedule. - JOSE PEREZ

Rob: I've heard this argument, and yes, quarterbacks have made plays with their feet (Newton in Week 1 primarily comes to mind). But this defense has also been able to combat that challenge with overall team speed. They're built to handle it, and it comes down to having disciplined rushes. They've played Wilson enough to know who they're up against.

Bryan: It more than the quarterback -- they've played some pretty good teams. It's a two-way street here. It's a bad matchup for the Seahawks as well. It's the playoffs, you're going to face good teams. They're playing well and you're playing well. There's no getting around that.

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