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Mailbag: Robinson Suspension Affect The Draft?


With the recent suspension of Rashard Robinson, do you see the Cowboys changing their draft strategy of possibly drafting additional cornerback(s) especially in the later rounds? Your thoughts. – KENNETH JACOBS / DENVER, CO

David: I don't think it affects much, to be honest with you. It's been a good bet for months that the Cowboys were going to draft a cornerback this year – possibly even multiple cornerbacks. Robinson was already further down the depth chart, and it's a good bet he'll be further down the depth chart when the draft is over. I simply don't think this is a suspension that will change much about their strategy.

Jonny: I certainly hope that the Rashard Robinson suspension isn't the thing that convinced them they need to draft a cornerback. It was a pretty big need regardless. But if they take a cornerback with the 10th pick, maybe the Robinson suspension might convince them to draft another one on Day 3 for the sake of potential depth.

It seemed like it was a two-horse race for CB1 between Caleb Farley and Patrick Surtain, with Jaycee Horn a consensus third and Greg Newsome, fourth. With the injury to Farley, why did Horn jump into the conversation for No. 10? Why not just keep Surtain as an option for No. 10, and Horn an option only if the Cowboys trade down? – GARET TANAKA / WAILUKU, HI

David: It's important to keep in mind that fans and media are usually a step or two behind the actual personnel departments that do this for a living. Just because Jaycee Horn looks like a "late riser" to us doesn't mean the actual evaluators felt that way. To answer the question even more directly, it's also about risk management. It's possible you could snag Jaycee Horn at pick No. 15, but it's also possible he could get snatched up well before. If that's the case, there's nothing wrong with grabbing him at No. 10 to make sure you get your guy.

Jonny: That logic is based on the assumption that teams, and particularly the Cowboys, agreed with those evaluations in the first place. It's possible the Cowboys were never all that high on Farley. It's possible that they've seen Horn and Surtain as neck and neck the whole time. That said, it might be as simple as you said; might be the guy. I feel pretty confident saying we're going to be guessing until the pick's in. _


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