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Mailbag: Rookie Standouts; Sorting Out O-Line?


Which one of the rookies have impressed you so far? - JAMES JORDAN/CONVERSE, TX

Bryan: Jon'Vea Johnson. It's easy to see when a wide receiver or a running back has a good day because you do see them finishing plays. At least through these early stages of practice he looks impressive catching the ball and playing on the move with it in his hands. 

Rob: It's so early, and these aren't padded practices, but it's obvious Tony Pollard has exceptional burst and quickness through the hole. I've seen a lot of outside observers compare him to Lance Dunbar, the former backup running back here, but he's got a much larger frame than Dunbar or fellow rookie Mike Weber, who was a more traditional running back at Ohio State. Looking forward to seeing Pollard more as the summer progresses.

With almost all the positions filled on the offensive line, as well as backups, how do you see it playing out with Mitch Hyatt, Derrick Puni, Brandon Knight, Larry Allen Jr. and Jake Campos? With the depth it appears they have, there are not enough spots available for all this young talent on the team or practice squad. - JACK FANELLI / BLACKWOOD, NJ

Bryan: They've used Jake Campos as a starter at right tackle in place of La'el Collins early in this camp, so I'd say he has a leg up. Mitch Hyatt and Brandon Knight have been running with the second group, and I'd have to say that Knight has been better there at this point. If Larry Allen Jr. and Derrick Puni make the practice squad at the end of camp that would be a major accomplishment.

Rob: Man, Jason Garrett wouldn't like to hear you claim that all the positions are set. I do see your point, though, and it's no surprise teams have called the Cowboys about excess depth they've got at certain spots. (I'd imagine offensive line is one spot that's been inquired about.) Practice squad probably looks like a more realistic destination for most rookies besides Connor McGovern, but let's let it play out. Again, very early.

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