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Mailbag: Rotating David Irving & DeMarcus Lawrence? Answer At Safety?



Any chance we could see an even or near even rotation for snaps at the LE positon with Lawrence and Irving splitting time? Seems like it's both of their best position and having each snap coming from a fresh player with their skill would be a nightmare for opposing right tackles.

Bryan:You could see a rotation there but you also might see them start Irving on the left side and move Lawrence to the right and once again kick Tyrone Crawford back inside. They're plenty of options to get these guys on the field.

David:I can't speak for the coaching staff, but I have always preferred Irving at defensive tackle. I think he's got a unique build for the position, which can help him give interior offensive linemen some trouble. Fortunately for the Cowboys, a lot of these guys have the flexibility to move around. I would guess we'll see them rotate, and we'll also see them on the field at the same time.



It seems to me that Jeff Heath is not the answer at safety.  Do you anticipate that Kavon Frazier or the rookie Xavier Woods will end up replacing him in the starting lineup sooner rather than later?

Bryan:You will still see a rotation, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Woods take more of the early snaps. I don't think that Frazier is the answer there and would see less time.

David:I feel like a broken record, but I've been saying this since June. You're not going to see either of those guys completely replace Heath, but you are going to see them rotate onto the field in plenty of different situations – just like Heath and J.J. Wilcox did last year. Obviously, you'd prefer to have a Pro Bowl-caliber safety who never comes off the field, but the Cowboys don't. Because of that, I think you'll see all three of those guys rotating to handle the responsibility.

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