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Mailbag: Sack Total For Tank, Gregory, Parsons?


We know what kind of numbers D-Law can put up. With Randy Gregory having a full offseason the first time in his career, and the addition of Micah Parsons, what's your total sack number predictions between the three? I'm optimistic and saying over 25. — TANNER CARLSON / SAN ANTONIO, TX

Rob: Roughly eight apiece? I don't think that's crazy unrealistic if DeMarcus Lawrence could get back to double digits and Gregory builds on the 3.5 sacks he had in just 10 games with limited snaps last season. We don't know exactly how much of a pass-rushing role Parsons will have as a rookie, so it's hard to make a guess there. But the Cowboys do think he can provide pressure, even if it's not a huge sack total. Give me 20 from the trio with the potential for more.

David: Man, it's definitely exciting to think about. Lawrence has needed some help for a while now, and he might finally have it. That said, I still feel like I need to see it to believe it. I'd like to believe Randy can reach 8-10 sacks, but he's never actually done it. Maybe Micah can chip in 6-8, but we still don't know what his role looks like. But if those guys can come close to those numbers and Lawrence has a solid season on top of that, I definitely think 25 or more is possible.

I would really like to see Tony Pollard become a household name this season. Tony has shown to be more than capable of giving Zeke a breather. I'm curious if the Cowboys realize how much of a versatile offensive weapon they have in him? If so, why don't we see more creativity to get him more touches? — NATHAN MATTISON / GLENS FALLS, NY

Rob: We get this question every training camp, and the answer is still sort of the same: yes, the Cowboys see Pollard's versatility, but there truly are only so many touches to go around on an offense with this many talented skill players. However, I do think Pollard made enough explosive plays last season for the Cowboys to say, "Hey, some big things can happen when Pollard comes in fresh for Zeke." Maybe it will lead to some more touches, and you're right, he did show pass-catching ability going all the way back to Memphis.

David: The obvious problem is that it's hard to identify a guy you take off the field in favor of Tony Pollard. Naturally, you might say Zeke. But let's be real, that isn't going to happen — partially because of talent and partially because of contract allocation. I do agree with you, though. Between returns, carries and receptions, there's got to be a way to make sure Pollard gets 12-15 touches a game. To this point in his career, his average is 8.9. That could be better. Perhaps they could make a separate package for Pollard, or just rotate their backs just a bit more. It's on Mike McCarthy and Kellen Moore to find a way to make it happen.

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