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Mailbag: Second-Year Leap From Taco Charlton? Compensatory Picks?


Will we see a second-year leap from Taco? A starter/almost every-down type player?

Bryan: Once this staff moved on from Damontre' Moore, I felt like it helped Charlton play better. He started to get work and developed a better feel for how to attack the pocket. With a better plan came better snaps. Offseason will be huge for him to develop strength but also develop more flexibility. DeMarcus Lawrence redeveloped his body before last season. I would hope that Charlton could do the same.

Rob: That's certainly the hope. By the end of the season he looked like a more comfortable rusher. His balance was better, he seemed to be trusting his technique more, and maybe he was adjusting to fewer snaps after being a starter at Michigan.


What is your best guess on what, if any, compensatory draft picks the Cowboys may be awarded this year? And can you enlighten a guy who doesn't understand that whole process all that well? How does that work?

Bryan: Welcome to the club. My best guess is somehow they end up with one in the fourth and two more in the sixth but again that's just a guess. I never quite understood how the league determined what teams received but we'll find out likely at the owners meeting in March.

Rob: Could be around three, but that's just a guess. The league assigns picks to teams through a formula weighting the number of players a team lost via free agency versus the number of free agents it signed. Factors are salary, playing time and postseason honors. And they're even more valuable than they used to be because now teams can trade them.

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